Thursday, April 23, 2015

Equipment to Improve Your Walk with Your Cairn!

Some Cairns (like Macie) walk extremely well with the usual equipment, but some of them can use a little extra help training with pulling and lunging.

Understanding the Freedom Harness & Gentle Leader

There are many tips to help you train your dog to walk properly on a lead without pulling, and these methods just require patience and consistency in your training.   There are also several no-pull harnesses and leads that you might want to consider.  They are not magic solutions - you still have to train with patience and consistency - but they can be effective in speeding up the training/conditioning process.

Mary Hirt of Teacher’s Pet K9 in West Los Angeles, California, gives a great demonstration of the Freedom Harness with a clear explanation of why it works, and this applies to other similar training leads like the Gentle Leader or the TTouch Walk Right Harness.

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