Saturday, April 25, 2015

Learn to Walk a Reactive Dog!

Yes!  Even a reactive little Cairn boy can learn to be calm and attentive on a walk!
This is a wonderful video by Zak George which demonstrates how to work with a highly reactive dog, using the "Look at me!" and "Get out of Dodge!" positive training methods.  There is a spot of advertising by his sponsor, but it it worth waiting the minute to see this really helpful video.  Obviously, the dog is not a Cairn and we recommend only using a lead attached to a secure harness, not a lead attached to a collar, but everything else he demonstrates applies perfectly.

Walking your dog can be fun!


Joanna in Las Vegas said...

Charley, my Russel/Schnauzer cross realllly needs this... or err, well I need it.... he pulls like a Malamute and is reactive to other dogs, esp. Chihuahuas...

plumlily said...

My Cairn, Folly,has a panic attack if I take her past the end of the driveway- she is so scared she doesn't respond to can I get her to enjoy walking?