Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby on the Way? Prepare Your Cairn for Change!

It is critically important, for everyone's safety and well-being, to prepare your Cairn for change well before your new baby arrives!

Preparing your Cairn for major changes is never more important than when a new baby is on the way.  Many Cairns find themselves in Rescue, shelters, or worse, simply because there was no preparation in advance.  This is another wonderful video by Zak George which demonstrates how to teach your Cairn to remain calm with a new baby in the home, all using positive training methods.  There is a spot of advertising by his sponsor, but it does not detract from this really helpful video.  Obviously, the dog is not a Cairn, but everything Zak demonstrates applies perfectly to a Rescued Cairn.  Note his admonitions to go slowly, take small steps which you can build on, and set your dog up for success!

Training your Cairn is essential for a great life!

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