Friday, June 26, 2015

Easy Housetraining Video!

Teaching proper potty habits takes time, consistency, and patience, but is well worth the effort, and this is true for puppies as well as older Rescued Cairns!

Teaching your Cairn to potty where you want the "business" taken care of can be frustrating, as a puppy or an older Rescued dog.  This excellent video by Zak George demonstrates how to teach your Cairn to be comfortable in a crate and where the potty spot is located, using positive training methods.  There is a spot of advertising by his sponsor, but it does not detract from this really helpful video.  Obviously, the dog is not a Cairn, but everything Zak demonstrates applies perfectly to a Rescued Cairn.  Note his admonitions to control your dog's environment, go slowly, take small steps which you can build on, and set your dog up for success!

Training your Cairn can be Rewarding!

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