Friday, January 29, 2016

Introduction to Balanced Positive Training Videos

Positive training is so very important for Cairns, but for all other dogs too.  All training begins with the connection between you and your dog.

In the following videos, Robert Cabral, founder of Bound Angels, gives a clear and insightful explanation of the important basics of balanced positive training, using corrections as needed but never punishment, the importance of making your training fun for your dog for the very best results, plus the basics of giving rewards to your dog. 

Start positive from the beginning and be consistent and clear in your communications with your dog, and you will have amazing results - it's all up to you!  In this short demo Robert introduces Goofy, his Belgian Malinois who is obedience trained as well as being trained in Schutzhund, Mondio and AKC obedience - all done with his balanced positive training methods.  Yes, training a Cairn Terrier may be more challenging than training a Malinois or German Shepherd, but it can be done - and the rewards are tenfold the effort you put in!

In this thought provoking video, Robert Cabral speaks at a Symposium at UCLA, giving a clear and insightful explanation of Kennel Syndrome, Barrier Aggression, and the simple but important positive training he is implementing via Bound Angels to help shelters help the dogs in their care, enabling them to find homes when they might otherwise fail in the shelter system.  Great lessons for all who are dedicated to Rescue.

Robert Cabral, Founder and Executive Director of Bound Angels, is an authority on canine behavior and shelter dogs.  His first hand knowledge of shelter behavior, aggression, and dog training is a lifesaver to dogs that have no one to speak for them - Robert speaks for them, sometimes eloquently, oftentimes candidly - but always honestly and always with the intent to make the world a better place for them.  Bound Angels helps animal shelters save more lives through information and knowledge.

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