Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hurry to get your 2010 CP calendar before they SELL OUT!

Written by a Col. Potter volunteer

The 2010 Cairn Rescue Calendar promises to go somewhere where no other Col. Potter Calendar has gone before--and that is the SELL OUT section!!!!

The last box is open and on the shipping table. Volunteers are sitting and waiting for the orders to arrive and I expect that the SOLD OUT sign will be up before the turn of the year.

So if you want it, now is the time to get on line and order it while we still have some left.

If your own dog, or one or more of your fosters, are in the calendar you need to get your copy now. You can pay by Pay Pal, Check or Credit Card but if you hang around much longer you will be disappointed.

The 2011 Calendar will be going into production in the New Year, but when the 2010 edition is gone, it's gone for good!

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