Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poem: I am a Mill Dog

Written by a CP Volunteer

Today I was thinking about all the emails recently from foster homes with all the little ones that have been rescued. There are times I can not get thoughts out of my mind. This was one of them. So I wrote this poem.

I Am a Mill Dog

Do my eyes tell you what I have seen?
Does my body tremble when I sometimes have those dreams?

Has my cowering in the corner brought a tear to your eye?
When you feel my frail body do I see even grown men cry?

Are you here to hurt me or have you heard my cries in the night?
Can you hear my heart beating when you hold me so tight?

I have never known kindness I have never felt love.
Will you be my angel that was sent from above.

I have been so alone and have felt loss all around.
I have learned that it’s best if I do not make a sound.

I think I can learn that kindness will bring me a new feeling called love.
And I see in your eyes you have been sent from heaven above.

@2009 Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

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