Friday, December 25, 2009

Willet's Christmas Tail

Written by a CP adoptive home

I wanted to let you know about my first Santa Delivery job with the big man himself – Santa Claus or as I like to call him Santa Paws.

I have been waiting for the big day and it has finally arrived. I woke up and had to get a bath – which I love! You know I had to look good for the kiddies and to impress Santa Paws.

I had to get my red sweater on (just like Santa Paws) and my bell collar so the kids would know when we arrived.

We went to the North Pole and to my amazement there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on.

I didn’t know so many elves worked there. They were filling up the sleighs, helping Santa get dressed, passing out hot chocolate and candy canes to everyone. They even had special Christmas dog cookies for me. Yummy!

I had to meet Santa Paws. Well this is very difficult because there was so much work that there were multiple Santa Paws. Who knew?


is it him?

nice lap!

I sat on every Santa Paws lap and picked the best one to team up with.

I got to meet a bunch of guys that a lot of people tell me they are scary but, I had fun with them and I wasn’t scared at all. They all had cookies in their pockets. Imagine that! My mom and dad told me that they are named policemen and they are there to help Santa Paws, myself and everyone to be safe.

At 2:00 pm we started driving from house to house and I ran up to each door and announced that “Santa Paws will be here in 5 minutes”. The people were so excited they would start screaming and jumping up and down (at first that scared me) but my mom and dad told me it was to be expected. Santa would then show up and the kids would come out and sit on Santa’s lap (just like I did earlier) and they would talk to Santa and get gifts from him. What a nice man.

I had to check on Santa sometimes through my window to make sure he was not eating all the cookies. He tends to do that!

Around 6:00 pm my job finally finished after our 32nd stop and I can tell you I was exhausted!!!!

I gave Santa a big lick to thank him for letting me help and he said:


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