Thursday, February 18, 2010

City Slickers moved en masse in a cargo van last weekend!

Contributed by CP Intakes Team Coordinator and Transport Volunteer

How many cairns can you fit in a cargo van?

We moved 18 cairns last weekend thanks to Monika, our tireless transport volunteer from Columbia, SC. Monika embarked with 18 dogs and drove to Indianpolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington DC, Emporia, Virginia; Charlotte, NC and finally back home to Columbia, SC. She then drove on Monday to deliver a dog to Atlanta, GA and she will bed and breakfast four of them until next weekend when they will move to FL.

Thank you for your happy thoughts for everyone involved, and there were many many people involved in making this work, that their journey was safe!

Note from Monika: Almost 3000 miles later and WE ARE HOME. Thank you for everybodys help and understanding. Also Thank you for the prayers and good wishes. The 4 remaining kids are eating dinner and are doing their potty's and then we are off to bed. Thank you everyone, I couldn't have done this without you. More later.

If you would like to volunteer to help Col. Potter with intakes or transports, we can't promise that you will get to drive a cargo van full of cairns, but we can promise that you will be a vital part of our mission to match homes in need of cairns with cairns in need of homes. Please click here for more information on volunteer opportunities in CP.

Please vote once a day for Col. Potter in the Animal Rescue Site's "Shelter Challenge"! Search for Col. Potter in Medina, OH. Feel free to cross-post and please pass this on to your friends and neighbors!

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