Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Col. Potter--Say Cheese!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Babies and puppies are just the cutest and normally make the most adorable photo subjects. They're so happy and bouncy, enjoying life to its fullest in their innocence. Well, most puppies at least ... Those that are born in a commercial breeding facility and don't make it out within the first few weeks of life languish in filthy conditions, get cheap, limited quantities of food, dirty water, no love or attention and have to fight to continue to survive. Only the strong exit a commercial breeding facility alive.

We were contacted by a shelter where the state animal health department had delivered some young Cairns seized from a breeding facility. The shelter felt they would do much better coming into rescue rather than staying at the shelter or being adopted out directly to the public.

This week, six Cairns, one year old and younger, found their way into the loving arms of CP. My thanks to volunteers for helping get them picked up from the shelter and delivered to our vet.

I am pleased to introduce the Say Cheese! kids:

Parmesan: Male, wheaten, 10.8lbs, 1 year old

Gouda: male, gray brindle, 9.4lbs, 7 months old

Cheddar: male, wheaten, 9.2lbs, 5 months old

Havarti: Male, gray brindle, 9lbs, 8 months old

Feta: Male, wheaten, 8lbs, 5 months old

Brie: Female, gray brindle, 8.6lbs, 5 months old

Say Cheese, please, choose your favorite cheese, and give one of these little furkids their first exposure to a home and love. I know during their future photo ops, when you Say Cheese, they will have big smiles on their faces!

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