Thursday, April 1, 2010

CP Welcomes a Special Man and Woman

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Yesterday two Cairns made their way to freedom and the loving arms of Col. Potter from a life in a commercial breeding facility.

Some of my favorite introductions are ones using the names from our Name a PM Program. These names have all been donated in memory or honor of someone or something very special. Now, two of our rescue Cairns gets to carry the name of a very Special Man and Woman.

Birk: Male, born 7/1/07 - donated by Linda W. in memory of Jim

Josephine: Female, born 1/24/08 - donated by Ann S. in memory of her cousin's wife's mother, Josephine, who recently passed away

With Easter and Mother's Day just around the corner, the Name a Mill Cairn Program makes a perfect gift, a unique, living gift. Click here for more information.

My thanks to K. and B. for helping Birk and Josephine to freedom and for the pictures.

Please help me welcome our Special Man and Woman, Birk and Josephine to CP!!

Please vote once a day for Col. Potter in the Animal Rescue Site's "Shelter Challenge"! Search for Col. Potter in Medina, OH. Feel free to cross-post and please pass this on to your friends and neighbors!

Vote in the Shelter Challenge by clicking the following link: VOTE HERE

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