Friday, April 16, 2010

Shelter Challenge Update 4/16/10

We have 2 days to advance to the number 4 spot and earn $3,000 for Col. Potter. Please be sure to vote and encourage your friends and family to vote. We are so close and yet so far away!

Hello Everyone,

Well,....I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the standings after I voted. Rolling Dog has faltered, that's good, and we didn't advance, that's bad.

We missed out on an opportunity to gain even more on Rolling Dog. We are slowly and steadily closing the gap between us and them in the race for 4th place. We can still do this. This morning Col Potter was at 1.1%, exactly where we were yesterday and Rolling Dog was at 1.17%, losing .01% from 1.18% yesterday.

Man....if we had advanced yesterday we would be that much closer. The totals for Denison City and Copper Country are just climbing at a rate that's almost unbelievable. Last night Denison City went from 2.83% to 2.94% and Copper Country went from 2.77% to 2.89% an increase of .11% and .12%, respectively, so we see it can be done. We can see this will be a tight race for the $10,000 1st place prize in the next 2 days. Both these rescues/shelters have turned on the
afterburners and are just distancing themselves from the rest of us in a very competitive race.

We have 2 more days people and I ask you, yet again, to continue voting for Col Potter and lets hope Rolling Dog falters again and we advance and close the gap between us and make a tight race out of 4th place and the last position able to win the $3,000 prize for Honorable Mention in this Challenge. We are so close!!! Please lend your support and votes at the link provided:

Col. Potter Cairn rescue Network-GL
City:....MEDINA State:....OHIO

Thanks for the effort

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