Monday, May 24, 2010

Another little girl joins Col. Potter

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

A local rescue works with various breeders helping to rehome dogs that don't work out either for show purposes or breeding. Such was the case for one cute, little 2 year old female Cairn. She's spent the majority of her life in a kennel with little attention or training, no abuse, just no socialization. The breeder finally decided she didn't have any use for her and she deserved much better than she was getting, so the cairn was sent off to the rescue organization. Knowing the Cairn personality, it was decided Col. Potter would be a better avenue for her to find her forever home.

Yolanda is just a little girl weighing about 13lbs with a wheaten coat. She's scared of being picked up and has such a sad face for such a cute, young, little girl. I know CP will have the cure for her sadness and, before long, Yolanda will change that sad face into a happy face as she finds her happily ever after!

Welcome Yolanda!

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