Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet Broderick!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

One of the hardest jobs on the Rescue Team is looking at pictures of dogs in shelters and trying to determine if they are Cairn or not. Many of them are mixes and then you sometimes run across one that is so dirty, so matted, so neglected you can't even tell if there really is a dog under there, much less a Cairn or not. Such was the case with Broderick. He was picked up as a stray, so only he really knows his background and history, and unfortunately he can't tell us.

He had been at the shelter over a week and his time was up and with literally no adoption interest or even rescue interest in a dog looking like him, his future did not look bright. Enter Col. Potter ... Susan B dropped everything on Friday afternoon to rush over to the shelter to do an in-person ID. Then the mad panic to find a vet that had room to board and vet him with the 4th of July coming up next weekend. The timing was going to be crucial ... the shelter opened at 11:00 AM Saturday and the vet closed at 11:30 AM. Susan said she would FLY between the two to make it. But there was to be one more glitch ... when Susan arrived at the shelter Saturday morning to pick-up Broderick, she was told they don't open until noon rather than 11:00 AM and they weren't willing to hold him until Monday. Well, thank goodness Susan is such a sweet talker ... she called me back about 11:18 AM yesterday and told me she had him in the car and was flying to the vet.

Broderick is now safely relaxing at the vet over the weekend, scheduled for a spa treatment on Monday which includes a bath and grooming. I'm sure he'll be feeling and looking much better after that.

This is what Col. Potter and the people of CP are all about ... going above and beyond, sweet talking and flying when necessary to save a little Cairn's life!

These two pictures of Broderick will break your heart. One is from the shelter and the other is one Susan took yesterday once she got him to the vet. I'm going to ask Susan if she is able to stop by the vet one day this week and take a picture of Broderick after his spa treatment so you can all see the difference you make in a little Cairn's life. Please MEET BRODERICK!!!

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Anonymous said...

I really can't wait until the after picture...It's amazing what a little love can do. Plus I'd love to see his eyes.