Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ecstasy and agony--meet new girl BeBe

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Last Saturday I received an urgent message from one of our rescue partners. A commercial breeding facility was retiring some dogs and the rescue that was supposed to take all the dogs left some behind including two little Cairn girls -- could Col. Potter help? After hurriedly scrambling around for boarding over 4th of July and talking to our volunteers, we made arrangements to pick them up on Monday. That fell through so we tried again for Tuesday. That fell through as well.

Yesterday I received word that one of the little girls had been very sick since they picked her up. She was having seizures and even though they had started her on phenobarbitol it wasn't helping and yesterday she was having severe seizures. The vet this rescue works with diagnosed her as having water on the brain and had probably had it for some time. Her diagnosis was not good and they helped her to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She was estimated to be 9 years old. The agony that this little one never got to feel the love of Col. Potter.

Today, the other little girl finally made it into the loving arms of Col. Potter thanks to volunteer Ken and photos thanks to Deborah. She is estimated to be 5 years old and everyone that has come in contact with her says the same thing -- she is just the sweetest little girl!!

BeBe is named through the Name a Mill Cairn program in memory of a good friend of Amy and Brian's who lost his battle earlier this year. Please help me welcome this adorable little girl.

This intake is very bittersweet. There is the ecstasy of knowing BeBe is now receiving the care she needs in the loving arms of Col. Potter, but also the agony of knowing the other little girl never knew good care or love. Even though she wasn't officially a CP furkid, please light a candle for the little girl who only knew agony her whole life.

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