Friday, July 23, 2010

Saved from the jaws of death--Austin Blu

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please help me welcome Austin Blu, a little one who was on the top of the shelters euthanasia list for last Monday.

A huge component of the "Rescue Team" part of Col. Potter is a small group of women who work behind the scenes every single day scanning shelter listings for cairns in need. They make contact with shelters by email and phone to check on those cairns they find. They field emails sent into the rescue email box and follow up on all Cairn In Need forms we receive. Daily they see heartbreaking listings, dogs we can not save, dogs that will not live another day. Yet they trudge on, knowing that while we can not save every one, we work very hard to help those we can. Each 'save' is celebrated.

In Austin Blu's case, one of our team called the shelter to follow up on him. She was told that he was slated for euthanasia THAT morning. For some reason, there was a delay and he was still alive. She asked if she could have time to try to rescue him--either through CP or another group. Very often in these cases, we are told there is no more time. She was told they would hold him until 5pm the next day. Immediately she notified the Intakes part of the team, and at the same time started emailing and calling other rescue groups. Our team prides itself on always working Plan A and Plan B at the same time--leaving nothing to chance.

Intakes got the case and approval to pull him. He was assigned an Intakes Coordinator to work his case. A local volunteer was called- our own Kim - who as always said "YES, I can help", and by the next morning - Austin Blu was a free man!!

He is about 1 year old, and full of energy - as most boys would be after spending a month in a kennel at a shelter! He is getting his spa treatment, and will move to his foster home shortly.

Thank you CP (a group with the best volunteers ever!), and Kim, and a STANDING OVATION to our Rescue Team women ~ who do their very emotional job daily without complaint!

Welcome Austin Blu, we are thrilled to have you as part of the family.

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