Friday, August 27, 2010

Cypress has got TALENT!

Written by Cypress' foster mom

Dear Cuzins,
Everybody's got talents, but I think we found mine today. I have been DISCOVERED! I gotz talent!

You see at my house, Mama has a toybox in the famblyroom. It's a GREAT BIGtoybox like Uncle Brian makes. In fact it's JUST like the ones Uncle Brianmakes! Yesterday I found it and climbed right in, head first. Down inside it I found this CUTE pink bunny. She's bigger than my head! but I'm a strong littlecairn girl, so I held my head REALLY high and brought it over to show Mary. ThenI had to go find a whole bunch of other toys to show Mary. I was very busy digging in the toybox for quite a while!

This morning, after I went potty, I got to go in the famblyroom again (this isthe DISCOVERED part). I found a fun toy and brought it to Mary and she tossed itaway from her. I went and got it for her and she tossed it again! I kept picking up her toys and bringing them back to her and she kept throwing them. She said Iwas playing fetch and she said I was the BEST fetcher she'd ever seen! We played for FIFTEEN minutes straight and every time she threw it, I'd bring it back to her.

This is a fun game. You guys should try it at your house!

xoxo Cypress -

Da Monster slowly turning into a princess.
She is being fostered in Missouri so you can go to our website to see her and all of our wonderful cairns who are available for adoption.

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