Saturday, August 14, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Recently, six little Cairns made their way to freedom, out of the heat, humidity and oppressive conditions they have been enduring this summer and into the care and comfort of Col. Potter's loving arms! We have little in the way of details on them and will have to rely on our vet to provide that. My thanks to our CP volunteer for making the trip to pick them up, get pictures of them and gave them a place to spend their first night in freedom before heading to the vet this morning.

Four of these furkids have names from our Name a Mill Cairn Program. It doesn't have to be a special occasion to remember or honor someone and the Name a Mill Cairn Program is the gift that lives on.

Please help me welcome our newest CP family members:

Abie Rose: Female, named in memory of Kathy T's mom who passed away on 5/26/10; she was truly Abie's Wild Irish Rose

Diva: Female, red wheaten - named in memory of Lynne B's beloved Dobe

Mylinda: Female, wheaten

Sainted Riley: Male, red wheaten - named in memory of Rebecca P's and Paul J's first Cairn

Sir Isaac Newton: Male, gray brindle - named in memory Of Rebecca P's and Paul J's precious CP puppy, Sandia, who died tragically right before his 3rd birthday.

Stunner: Male, brindle, born Jan. 2010

Welcome to the good life, welcome to CP!

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