Saturday, November 6, 2010

CP's foster Hola gets her blankie!

Contributed by Hola's foster mom

Thank you blankie Auntie Kathy. Here is a photo of Hola on her blanket. When she jumped off, Alpha Annie jumped on it.

Now let me tell you about my foster,Hola. Last night at bedtime I popped her in the crate. She had been on the sofa all evening.When I went up to bed I could not find Thunder. Panic! Shouting and running up and down the stairs I thought maybe I went into the garage and he followed me and I locked him out. As I walked by Hola's crate (in the back hall) I saw two little black noses. Yup. Thunder was in the back of the crate when I popped Hola in. Mind you this is her travel crate. I think Thunder has a girl friend. I can't tell you how sweet she is.

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