Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tinker Arrives at her foster home!

Written by Tinker's foster mom

Miss Tinker arrived the other evening. She was shaking enough that we could feel the whole crate quivering. We brought her home and put her in the dog run so she could ***finally*** pee after her 12 hour + trip! We had made a quick detour to pick up a plain hamburger for her....we don't always do it but since we had such a problem getting Gemma to eat we decided to give Missy T some enouragement. It worked! Teeny, tiny bits of hamburger in her meal and she cleaned it all up. Then I used more tiny bits to draw her to me. I slipped this polar fleece coat over her flattened little body and put her back in her crate to rest.

This morning she scratched on her crate door to request some service from the caretakers. She went out and peed and then was put back into the kitchen to wander and check it all out. She wagged her tail when she saw me and allowed me to come in and perform culinary magic with her breakfast. Yummmm, she gobbled her breakfast right up.What a nice little girl she is after the rotten life she has had! She's scared but gutsy about doing things. She's not going to let her past dictate her future.

This picture shows how beautiful she is. She'll be much more beautiful in a few weeks or a month. I'm going to get her up on the website and put her up as a Guardian Angel dog. This is the CP program that allows people to make donations to specific dogs that need additional vetting while they are in foster care. She's going to need some specialized testing to make sure everything is all right because some of her bloodwork numbers were not as the vets would have liked.

She would so love to get to our resident dogs. I'm going to talk to my vet and see what she thinks.

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