Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Trudel!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Trudel is a senior girl who was her owners beloved pet since she was a puppy, but as she grew older, so did her owners. Trudel had to first deal with one of her owners passing. And if that wasn't bad enough, her other owner was then forced to move to an apartment due to age and health where she could not take Trudel along. The owner found a couple to take Trudel in, but it was not meant to be her forever home due to changes in the couples' situation. Trudel's original owner was contacted and she immediately went to work finding a friend to keep Trudel for a few days while she contacted Col. Potter for help.

The plea for help with Trudel came in about a week before Thanksgiving......not much time and close to a holiday when everyone is so busy. But as always our wonderful CP volunteers rose to the challenge, from Trudel's foster home to the transporters and the person who B&B'd her. Plus a few others that stepped up to help if the need arose. Trudel and I Thank You!!!

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