Thursday, December 30, 2010

CP foster BOSCAR *B*elieves

Written by Boscar's foster mom

Boscar whispered these words in my ear as he snuggled his head on my shoulder and gave a big sigh.

I *B*elieve in rescue angels that set me free

I *B*elieve in soft warm blankies and toys made just for me!

I *B*elieve in good food that I now get twice a day

I *B*elieve in the good life I've been given today.

I *B*elieve in soft words, gentle hands, and soft kisses too

I *B*elieve in Santi Paws because he brought me lots of presents - whoooo hoooo!

I *B*elieve in a forever home that will come my way

I *B*elieve in Col. Potter for saving me that wonderful day.

Boscar is being fostered in Illinois and you can learn more about him after his 2 week evaluation period by clicking here.

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