Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa, by a Cairn in Foster Care

By CP's Bridge, a Cairn in Foster Care

Dear Santa:

I hope you get my letter and can help me with my request,
Not just for me, there are so many, so I am asking also for all the rest.

Our lives have been so very tough, some of us more than the other,
From a very young age is how it started when we were taken from our mothers.

Some of us have lived our lives caged, others on the streets,
We have known hunger and thirst, not lots of food or treats.

Then there are those who lived in homes where there was no compassion,
Some ignored, some beat, some of us used just for fashion.

And then one day we were no longer wanted and taken away,
Each of our destiny’s unknown from to day to day to day.

Some of us puppy’s, some sick and some were kind of old,
Some were afraid and some were weak, but some of us very bold.

So many of us made it out and rescued, our lives at last had been saved,
But still Dear Santa there is just one thing that we ask for each and every day.

We need a home we can call our own, and someone to love forever,
A dish of food, a bowl of water, a life we can share together.

So please Dear Santa this Christmas please find this present in your sack,
A loving home with people who will promise to never take us back.

My foster Mom has promised me that you would try to help us if you can,
She said you know how special we are and in your heart know where we’ve been.
So please Dear Santa tell them I’ve been good along with all the rest,
And if I get my special home I’ll always be the best.

Love and Cairn Kisses,
A Col. Potter Rescued Cairn

Note from Blogger: Bridge is being fostered in Florida and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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