Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CP's foster Hazel the Chipmunk Killer almost becomes Hazel the Blue JayKiller!

Written by Hazel's foster mom

but luckily she seemed shocked she actually GOT the bird and only managed to get some feathers off him.... and foster Mom was VERY happy with no dead bird in the closed-in porch.

Here's the scene: I tend to leave the screen door open in the winter because, hey - NO BUGS! And then I can stay in the nice warm house while the dogs go out in the yard to do their business. I have had birds fly into the screened in porch before but never a Blue Jay.

My late cairn Myra would have died - she wanted SO MUCH to catch a bird in the porch - she tried so hard. Anyway both The Girls immediately noticed me trying to get the Jay back out the door and rushed over. Dumb bird actually went down to their level and before I could race over to that corner with my broom, Hazel had managed to grab him. I really think she was shocked, as she let him go and he flew up. Got the dogs in the house finally and went back out for the bird.

He sat on the rafters and talked to me - I put the broom up near him and he hopped on it and actually stayed on for the 5 steps it took me to get him out the door- then he flew off. There were about 5 tail feathers left in the porch and every time we have gone out since, The Girls immediately run over to that corner hoping he is still there.

Never a dull moment but I'm glad I don't have to change her nickname to Hazel, The Blue Jay Killer...
Hazel is being fostered in Vermont and you can learn more about her and all of the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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