Saturday, January 22, 2011

CP's foster puppy Fili's thank you for the toys

Dictated by Fili to his foster mom

Can you find me in da toys?

Did you ever see so many toyz?

Hi dere, Anteez an Unkels! Dis is Fili, da little man in da Hunt howse! I gotz on heer to tell Antee Damyell and all yuu CEEPEE peepulz fank yuu fer da TOYZ!!!! Fosser mom hepped me getz a pitchur obs me checken dem out anna gotz it hucked tuu dis note dat I'm righten so yuu cen see all da guudies. Foer mom sez dat I getz to pway wif dem all while dear nuu!!!! My momma tuuk da piggie toy dat waz my frend anna chuweded his eer off da udder day - I waz sad when fosser mom sed he habz to go inna da fixit basket and be gonz for awhile cuz hiz brains waz cummin out anna all ober da pwace - he waz jes my size anna wresled wif me! OK - maybe I waz duin all da wreslin, anna he jes frowed me off when I gotz on top ub him, butz fosser momma sez now dat she nose dat my momma is a destruckto ob toyz, she's gonna make sure dat she's only gotz da hebbie duutee onez arown da pen fur her tu pway wif! Fosser momma sed she finkz I'll eben be pwayin in da box when I'm in da kitchen, tuu. In da passed fuw dayz, day letz me an momma out wif da rest ob da kidz here fur sum bizitz anna butt smellin, anna I surrprized dem by doin da stepz rite up to da cowch where fosser dad waz sittin! Anna I been zoomin across da ruum, so I been takin sum GOOD naps cuz I getz all worn out runnin az fast az my leg will go! But fosser mom sez dis taste of freedum makez me fink I'm a big boy 'cuz now I complainz eben MORE when I getz stuck back in won ob dem pwaypens - but I ain't no baby no morez!

We been gettin lotz better! Ain't no bugz on me or momma ennie more! We gotz wun more dose ob dat nasty stuff to take next weke, but we feel guud! Anna yuu shuud see my momma - she'z jes about BEE-U-TEE-FULL! I eben pwayed wif my Norrie cuzzins Ollie an Sebastian tunite - day gotz in da playpen wif me! Ollie tole me he's sad I ain't got no bruver 'cause he LUBS his bruver, so he sed I cuud be his preetend little bruver anna he'll shair Sebas wif me, an I sed OKEE DOKEE, itz a deel! Deze boyz don't gotz no talez - day gotz a funnee wittle stubbee fing dat wigglez, anna I grabz it anna holez on while day chasez me rown an rown! Fosser momma sed she will send sum pitchurs ob us twogever when I'm dun righten.

OK - gotz to go tuu bed now, butz I wonted to tell yuu FANK YUU fer da new toyz! An FANK YUU fer heppin' me an momma - FREEDUM IS WUNNERFULL!

Lubs -

Fili in Mizzurree

Fili is being fostered in Missouri with his mother Suudella. They are not yet ready for adoption but if you would like to know more about them or the other cairns available for adoption, please click here.

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