Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Say Hello to CP's newest girl

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

The resilience of a cairn terrier is in itself beautiful to behold. When you also know that this cairn has had to endure harsh conditions and little care all of her life, her resilience becomes simply amazing. Such is the case of this adorable, petite, 4 year old cairn female. She has known nothing but hard times and no love and her life has been a struggle just to survive. But, take a close look at her face and the resilience comes shining through. She is ready to put the past behind her and embrace her new life and what the future holds for her. She has already made quite an impression on the vet staff, loving everyone and anyone that has time to pay attention to her and cuddle her. Of course, who could resist that face and the fact this little sweetheart only weighs 11 pounds!

Named from our Name A Rescue Cairn program in memory of the Rescue Team's own Sheri K's mom, please help me welcome Barbara C. to the Col. Potter family!

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