Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask CP foster Eraser for Advice!

Because i have so much time on my hands here in the mayors office i decided to start an advice column! so any problem anyone has, dog or people, address it to me Eraser in "Ask Eraser", i will try to answer all,remember tho a dawgg has a different way of looking at things as a people does, from the desk of Eraser mayor of inwood

Hello, Mr Mayor. I have a question and the girls and I don't know what the answer is: Do you think it is OK to eat soap?

Mom has me on this diet for dogs with crummy liver function, so the food service around here is pretty marginal. This weekend, I did manage to snag a bunch of fish oil capsules (I am still burping fish--yumm) but mom is pretty alert with that "No! Not for boys!" yell.

So, she got this present thing that had a bag of this really good smelling thing that had a picture of a goat on it. While she was in the kitchen, I got it off the coffee table and investigated. It was pretty tasty but did sort of have a little aftertaste. And that bag it was in was sort of hard to chew through. When mom found out she was mad and I heard her say, "Don't eat my present!"

Do you think this stuff is on my diet? And should I try to get it down off the counter for a second gnaw? I figured you'd know because you are the mayor and everything.

Slater in TX

Answer: Dear Slater in Tx: As you know the golden rule of being a cairn is… if it moves kill it…if it doesnt move chew it…if it stinks roll in it then eat it…if its someone elses pee on it then its yours, since the chupacabra soap didn’t move and smelled like a goat the rule is clear, and your mum was wrong to scold you.

And why didnt she eat the soap first if she thinks she is the boss? Is her name on the counter? is there a no trespassing sign on it anywhere? she doesnt have much of a property rights claim on it. I rule "finders keepers losers weepers" to make sure this doesnt happen again please pee on all your personal property, that way mum wont get confused about who owns stuff

Eraser mayor of inwood

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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