Friday, February 25, 2011

CP foster Eraser's wisdom : Words NOT in a terrier's dictionary by Eraser

Written by CP foster Eraser, mayor of Inwood

when i say no i mean hell no, come come come , sit sit sit, heal heal heal, no bark no bark no bark, thats not yours

dont pee on the doors, dont pee on the floors, dont pee on the drawers

a shoe is not a tooth brush, the broom will not fit thru the doggie door sideways, the trash can is not a restaurant, (one i'll tell you if you email me)

pee on millies side of the bed if you must, stand still so i can wash you, did you pee? its just rain, who crapped where i just stepped?

who farted? who drug this dead possum into the bedroom? who keeps washing their feet in the water bowl? who chewed into the tv cable? who chewed on the antique chair legs?

who tore the bristles out of my paint brushes? how did you drag my laundry basket out side? why is the toes chewed out of all my socks? but they all do know I LOVE YOU DADDY can i have a snack?

DUCK TAPE!!! I can tell it’s girls suggesting to wrap the hoo hoo thing in duck tape omg every time we boys pee it would hurt so bad when you pull the duck tape off. No no no just say no to duck tape on the hoohoo thing

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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