Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cuzins, Does anyone no Wookie da Wizard? CP foster Birk needs to no!

Contributed by Birk's foster mom

Wookie da Wizard

My foser Mom was readin a story to da boys. Da Boys is whats her calls da short humans who come over to R house to play wif me.
I likes to play wif da boys specially when dem has treats coz sometimes good fings drop on da floor n sometimes Nicky's face needs to be washed n if I is fast I kind do it while foser Mom gits da clof and him tastes gud!!
But anyhows I disgress.... dats a big word I just learned coz I is a cool dude!!
We was all a sittin by da fire, me, n Tia, n Lovie & da boys.. Kringle was hiding in da shower coz ob da funder boomers. N Foser Mom was a readin dis story to us.
Well dis was a berry citin story. It was about a Cairn boi.. I fink him is just like me..
N dis Cairn boi's name is Rocky N him meets a Wizard Dawg calld Wookie da Wizard Daw.

Wookie da Wizard tells Rockie bout dragons and magic n stuff.

So I was finkin, if I ax all U cuzins one ob U must no Wookie and if I send you a pitcher ob me you kin show Wookie N ax him to come n visit me n maybe he kin git me a forever home.

So dis is me..

Birk is being fostered in Iowa and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

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