Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Everyone knows what they say the oldest occupation in the world is... Many of the Cairns that find their way to the Col. Potter family have been forced to participate in that occupation. But some have been lucky enough to also been cared for and yes, even loved by their owners even though they were among the "Working Class". Today four such Cairns found their way out of that situation when their owners became too elderly to continue their breeding operation and made the decision to surrender them to Col. Potter. They are Working Class no more!

Please meet the Working Class:

Gigolo: Male, wheaten, born 6/26/04

Imp: Female, wheaten, born 3/14/05

Tramp: Female, black brindle, born 3/2/05

Scamp: Female, wheaten, born 1/7/08

My thanks to Sharon J. for all her help in getting the Working Class into CP!!

This week the Working Class will be boarded and vetted and then will move on to foster homes where they will start the next phase of their lives -- RETIREMENT!!

Please help me welcome Working Class!!

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Oz the Terrier said...

Thank you for rescuing so many Cairns! Keep up the great work!
Cairn Cuddles,
Oz the Terrier