Monday, March 7, 2011

Aphroditie's puppies - Videos of each one and current weights of every pup!!

Contributed by Aphrodite and her puppies' foster mom

This morning when I weighed the puppies I noticed little bitty slits in their
eyes. I imagine a couple of them will have their eyes open by tomorrow! Wahoo!
Watch out Ditie. They can FIND you now! MWAHAHAHAHAAHA

By the 'weigh' - at the weighing - Three of them are over 1 pound! Star, Yertle, and Horton are the BIG KIDS in the bunch.

Mooney - 15.4 oz

Star - 16.6 oz

Mulberry - 14.5 oz

Horton - 17.8 oz

Yertle 17.9 oz

Lorax - 13.3 oz

I thought the easiest way for you to see what the puppies look like is to see them in a video. They'll be two weeks old tomorrow. Check out the big yawns and their little feet. Oh, except for Yertle. Check out his big feet! Please click on their names if you are unable to see the embedded videos.







Aphroditie and her puppies are being fostered in Missouri. They are not yet available for adoption.

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