Friday, March 11, 2011

Eraser Says: Chapter 1

Written by CP's foster Eraser

Chapter 1, Some days to pass the time we told our stories everyone had a story
but the best stories came from Big Red Irish McGuinnis,he had escaped from his
cage more times then anyone, and actually got to see the end of the
world...."one day some new person got careless and picked me up so i could push
against his chest with me feet and i rolled out of his hands and i hit the poopy
covered cement running" said big red....He ran past the big tree and the rusty
tractor in the field, he even got close to the big house that always has a faint
smell of food coming from it, but didnt have time to sniff it of pee on it to
make it his own place......Angry people got on their noisey 4 wheeled machines
and started off on the chase after him"im gonna kill that sob they
shouted"!!!!...But Big Red could run and run and he knew of hunting and stelth
from his ancient breeding in the high lands. So no people could ever find him he
thought, when he saw the noisey machine go the opposite way he set out on his
adventure....His keen nose smelled something he never smelled before , it was
nice then he sneezed a few times and got the puppy mill stink out of his nose,
and he knew for the first time what clean pure sweet air was. more smells
entered this mighty hunters nose , the little red and yellow things that grew
from the ground smelled so sweet, like the nice lady who touched his nose once
thru the cage wire., maybe she owns the flowers too thats why she smells the

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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