Friday, March 25, 2011

Eraser Says : Chapter 3

Written by CP's foster Eraser

The dogs were spellbound, Eraser retched up a big green hocker and spit it with the precision of a marine sniper, hitting the handle of a shovel, everyone
cheered because they knew the miller would grab the shovel at that exact
place.....AAAAHHHHEEEEMMMM so Bonnie and Big Red parted, Red followed the path that Bonnie pointed out to him, it was an old path full of scents from thousands of years of animals walking it to and from the end of the world. Reds step got faster and stronger even tho his belly was empty and hurt from hunger, "why didnt i eat that bonnie he thought" but he knew he had to stick to the old laws of dont eat those who help you......The forest turned to high grass again and the ground got muddy, bugs got plentifull and Reds tail turned into a fly swatter then his ears started switching too, all in time with the tail, he knew he had to move fast and get out of the muddy land, so faster he ran it seemed forever but he finallly got to the top of a small hill and dry land. With a cool breaze and shade he finally lay down closed his eyes and rested a wee bit. Again he woke hearing a strange noise,reeebuttttt Red opened his eyes, there was a green monster ,no hair,giant eyes, and a tongue like a sticky rope. WWWWWoooooottttssss up bbbbbudddddy? said the monster, Im off to find the end of the Earth and get a drink of water""well walk this way and ill take you to clean water" said the monster, and the monster hopped away, hippy hop hippy hop, Red thought a while and started to hop too in the same direction , not wanting to make the monster mad......Soon there was a nice creek, the water fresh and clean it made a pleasant noise as it flowed over the rocks and falls. "drink all you want it never stops" Red drank and drank then washed his paws, thinking what the bonnie mc bonnie said he asked "are you the monster that makes the waves at the end of the earth?"No sir i am not im just a frog but follow the creek it takes you to the end of the world....BUT BEWARE THE MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! wwwwhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!scareyyyyyyyyyyy

Eraser and Cindy U are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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