Monday, March 14, 2011

Safeguarding your pets in a Flood

Written by a CP Blog Intern

It's an all too common story: At the news of an impending flood and mandatory evacuations, a family leaves their beloved pet behind thinking they can fend for themself. After all, animals have survived without human intervention for a long time, surely your dog can fend for himself for a little while.

The fact of the matter is an animal is no more capable in a flood than a human. You always see an image of a stranded dog or cat on the roof of a building after a big flood. What about the hundreds, if not thousands, of animals who weren't so lucky and were swept away?

Now to be fair, the main reason people leave pets behind isn't always neglect, it's a perceived lack of options since most emergency shelters don't accept animals. What resources exist for pet owners in the event of a flood?

You can start by reaching out to local humane societies. Friends and relatives are always a good place to look as well. In extreme cases of natural disaster, hotels which normally disallow animals occasionally relax their restrictions.

For the love of your animals, when you evacuate, take them with you!

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