Friday, April 1, 2011

Eraser says: Chapter 4

Written by CP's foster Eraser

Big Red watched the flow of the water and a leaf floated by he thought, if i
follow that leaf it surely must go to the end of the world. so with the skill of
a ballet dancer he jumped from rock to rock, log to log till he got too sure of
his skill and fell in the cold water, this isnt too bad he thought maybe ill
just play awhile here. he felt a relief from an itch he had for years , dirt
flowed off him and down stream in a trail, he flipped on his back and twisted in the little stone to scratch himself, little did he know grass, leaves, stones, branches, crayfish and mud had attached them self to his hair on his back.but he didnt notice because he had dirt caked on him for years, but for now the cool hair felt good ! and his skin didnt itch,..........Red walked and jumped and swam for miles till he heard a noise he never heard before, swoosh splash brrrrr wooop woopp, and there it was before him water as far as he could see, water till it met the sky and all his wonderment he still had a thought in back of his mind where is the monster, he was warned 2 times. he looked out over the water and saw the waves as they hit the shore and thought again the monster must be close! there is the water making waves on the land,,, surely this must be a great monster! big as a whole house big as the puppy mill itsself........then he heard the screems blood curdling screems eeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo and saw peoples running and screeming ,running in circles , running away from him , he is a monster he has rabies!!!! run run run away!!!, Red felt strangely powerfull but had no idea why......"some people must be afraid of a wee dog like me here in this land" he thought "good i dont have to be scared here i can run and be free and people are scared of me here im safe " little did he know they were scared of the mud and branches and grasss and crayfish that made him look like a creature from the black lagoon, .... the end of the world was wonderfull lots of water no people now ......but he never did learn how to find food at the mill it just came thru the gate sometimes and he was worried now what food is here and where to find it. he thought to wander a while is the best way to find food, he would be sure it was food when he saw it, so off he went , off to circle the end of the world, Eraser looked at his
audience and said chapter 5 next week

Eraser and Cindy U are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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