Friday, April 8, 2011

Eraser says: Chapter 5

Written by CP's foster Eraser

Big Red discovered his God given skills again when he held his nose to the wind and sniffed, one way the water one way the forest , the other the peoples he scared off and food, he sniffed the ground and put down his mark as he wandered over to the site, here and there he sniffed a bit of good and licked it off the ground and off the wood things they sit on, food was nice , it didnt taste like mill food ! this had lots of taste and none was sour and poopy,....... this is my place now, all this food is mine too , finders keepers losers weepers is the law of the mill , so this is all mine, proud of his achievement Red lay down and just then noticed he was covered in mud and branches and even a crawfish , when it poked him in his skin.......he rolled onto his back and tried to wiggle the junk out of his hair.....all of a sudden 2 people hands picked him up and held him tight so he couldnt jump away, he was held on his back , his most volnerable spot.

"High there cutie!, are you the monster that scared all the picnickers away?"said his captor.whats your name ? where did you come from?" then Red started to relax and breath when the voice sounded familure, and he smelled that smell again, it was the smell of the red and yellow things and the smell of the nice 1 person that touched his nose thru the wire of his cage." lets go home ill clean you up" said the nice lady.......All the mill was quiet then the questions "is Red at the peoples house now?"" what is the moral of this story? "Yes said Eraser he lives with the nice people that smells like the red and yellow things, and the moral is" DONT BE SCARED TO DREAM A BIG DREAM IT JUST COULD COME TRUE" Every one sat and stayed still and started to dream their own dreams...... the end

Eraser and Cindy U are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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