Thursday, April 7, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Lettuce Out is a play on words to be sure. But as you look at the pictures of these tender, tasty and sweet "greens" think about what it takes to make a truly great salad. Think about going through a really good salad bar and making a mouth watering salad with just what you like. In many ways cairns and Col. Potter are just like a big yummy salad... lots of different colors, textures and variety of dressings. Cairns are definitely not just plain old iceberg lettuce, but they have a little curl like Endive, color like Arugula, tenderness like Mesclun, variety like Chard, different dressing like Spinach, flavor like Romaine and spice like Cress.

Toss them all together and you have a delightful salad...or a cairn! Col. Potter is much like that also. We have volunteers from all walks of life, different parts of the USA and Canada, variety of religious beliefs, economic backgrounds, sizes, and shapes, but the one thing we all have in common is our love for these little cairns and our desire to help them!

Yesterday, seven little Cairns found their way to Col. Potter starting their journey to freedom with the banner LETTUCE OUT!!

Arugula: Female, wheaten brindle, born 3/28/10

Mesclun: Female, wheaten w/ black muzzle, born 11/11/10

Chard: Male, gray brindle, born 8/26/10

Spinach: Female, wheaten w/ black ears and muzzle, born 8/26/10

Romaine: Female, wheaten, born 7/27/08

Endive: Male, wheaten w/ black ears, 1 year old

Cress: Female, black brindle, 5 years old

Lettuce Out are all being boarded and vetted this week. This comes at a price to help these furkids. But I think you will agree when you take one look at these seven faces, the Lettuce Out salad bar is definitely worth the price!

Please remember the New Leash on Life is running through April 17. Raffle tickets are just $15.00 each with some wonderful prizes for you and support to help Lettuce Out and other Cairns have a chance for a happily ever after.

WELCOME LETTUCE OUT ... you are all just yummy!

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