Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Welcome Laney

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Just imagine the confusion this little cairn experienced when she, along with her 2 housemates, got dropped off at a shelter after living in their home for over 9 years. The shelter contacted us asking for help, because 10 year old dogs seldom get adopted. Thanks to several dedicated Col. Potter volunteers, she was rescued from the shelter and delivered to our vet very quickly. To make things worse, she picked up kennel cough at the shelter. She spent several extra days at the vet in isolation while being treated and has been cough and sneeze free for several days now.

Laney is 10 years old and a little overweight. The vet staff describes her as sweet, friendly and quiet. They also said one of the office cats spends hours sitting by her cage, keeping her company. And she’s just fine with having the company!

She’ll be heading to her foster home on Thursday. And another big “thanks” to several volunteers for making this happen.

Welcome to the family little lady!

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