Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicken in every pot and a Cairn in every garage

Deer Mayor Eraser
Will you be taking your campain on the trail (so to speek). We wood lob to hab you come and speek in our State - maybee you shud be runnin for Bice President instead ob Mayor!! Da world need to hab a Man Corn Dog in a posishun of Power!! Pleese lets us no if you are comin fru WesBirginya - wee will meet you atta trane stashun

The Dixon Kidz - Diva, Maxx, Ozzie, Patches, Rosie and Leroy an our Mam Sydney

Eraser Says:
If reelected i will form a comittee to study the problem of murder and mayhem of the minorities, as you know in my last term how good the no cairn left behimd program worked, and i know with enough funding we can end this scurge of pink chickens and blue squirells green shoes and etc sitting around thinking they can just squeek and rattle with unabated abandon with out getting their aasss chewed off,remember a vote for me is a vote for freedom

Eraser and Cindy U. are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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