Friday, May 27, 2011

Eraser's science program

Written by CP foster Eraser

all the scientists and learned people in inwood have been assembled today tohelp fight a scurge on our city, i can just come right out and say it , fosterdaddy stepped in poopy again today then spent 10 minutes wiping and dancing inthe grass and washing with the hose. i mayor Eraser will not let this happenagain , our science team will find a way to give an alarm before daddies footsteps on the foul deed, we believe we can even have a dvd player installed init. no expence will be spared as long as it isnt over a back to ourregular programming.

Eraser and Cindy U. are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about them and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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