Thursday, June 16, 2011

CP foster Princess Zoe arrives at her foster home

Contributed by Princess Zoe's foster mom

Here are some photos of the Princess. The Princess came with a box of ritzy toys and a bed big enough for a Great Dane. She has her Puppia harness and pink and black zebra stripped leash with matching hot pink poop bag holder and poop bags.

Apparently she has never seen leaves as she stalks them and barks at them. She also stalked a rug tag and barked at it and when I hid it, she pawed at the rug looking for it. She also destroyed two seedlings, turned over a large planter, and stalked and barked at a birdbath. They must not have these things in the Big Apple. So I guess you could say she is settling in nicely.

Princess Zoe is being fostered in Virginia and after her evaluation period she will be available for adoption. You can click here to see all of the cairns available now.

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