Friday, July 1, 2011

Eraser says farewell

Once the gentle breeze blew down the main street rustling the leaves ,the sunshone bright, inviting all its citizen outside to walk. they walked past the city hall and sometimes saw the Mayor in the window,he looked up from his busy work and always had time to wave and smile , when they were really lucky they could see his sweet cindy with him.

But now the wind blows the shutters on the old city hall , the Inwood Outhouse is tipped over and the wind blows dust and tumbleweed down the main street, the inviting rustle of the leaves is now just discarded paper and trash can lids.

Our beloved Mayor is gone to a new life and a new city to rule. many people think a city is its citizens but Inwood City was its mayors dream come true, a utopia for everyone to dream a big dream, Eraser and Cindy say goodbye and wish everyone well and happiness.

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