Saturday, August 13, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

While the federal government finally came to an agreement on the US budget, the stock market across the globe has reacted with a wild ride the last few days. Investors have had to fasten their seat belts once again and prepare for losses in their portfolios. Col. Potter, on the other hand, managed to reap a Dividend yesterday amid the chaos on Wall Street.

The final member of the Balance the Budget kids finally made her way to the safety and security of Col. Potter. Little Dividend was not able to join CP a couple of weeks ago because she had recently whelped a litter of puppies and had to stay behind to care for them and wait until they were weaned to earn her freedom. We were not able to bring her puppies into CP, but they will all be heading for family pet homes shortly.

Please help me welcome Dividend, an adorable little 3 year old black brindle girl to the Col. Potter family.

My thanks to Don S. who provided the ride to freedom for Dividend.

This just goes to show that CP will always endeavor to deliver a Dividend to our bottom line ...

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