Saturday, August 27, 2011

CP foster Gruffyn's Tale

Contributed by Gruffyn's foster mom



Gruffy is the funniest little guy. Last night we had thunderstorms and Gruffy doesn't like em. He started to beat up on a squeaky toy but that upset Bunny and Janna who are noise phobic. So I gave Gruffy his Baby (photo attached) which he loves. It's a human baby toy that I think I paid $.25 for at a garage sale or thrift store. It's really for noise phobic dogs who are afraid of squeakers...but none of them have ever cared about it like Gruffy does. He loves it. (I was just searching for Baby to take the pic and I asked Alan if he had seen Gruffy's Baby...and Gruffy jumped down and ran off and came back with it in his mouth. That was a surprise.)

So last night he would be snoozing in my lap with Baby under his chin. Whenever we got a boomer Gruffy's head shot up and he grabbed his Baby in his mouth for a while. Almost as if the Baby acts like worry beads or something.

Around 3 am all remnants of the storm had passed over us so we took the dogs out for a last pee. They ran off the patio and peed like good kids. Then we softly called them to us to get their goodies. Everyone ran up and then Gruffy went back down into the dog run. He went right over to where Bunny had peed (he had come right past it on the way back to the patio) and peed over her pee. Alan and I were floored. We had a hard time keeping our laughter soft so as not to wake any neighbors.

What a little character....particularly for a little ole guy who came here and merely went from one bed to another for the first several weeks.

Gruffyn is being fostered in Ohio and you can learn more about himand the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

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