Monday, August 8, 2011

Introducing Megalyn!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Can you imagine the fear an 11 year old cairn felt when she was confiscated from her home by strangers, taken to a vet, shaved, poked and then back into a van and dropped off at a county animal control shelter? That’s exactly what happened to little Megalyn.

According to the shelter personnel, there was a small kitchen fire and when the fire department arrived and saw the condition of the home (feces everywhere, empty dog food bags, dirty water) and a terribly matted, filthy little dog, they contacted animal services. Someone at the shelter vet’s office cut away the mats so they could get a better assessment of her condition before taking her to the shelter. Fortunately, animal services contacted us asking if we could take her and thanks to Col Potter, we did. If we couldn’t have taken her, I doubt she would have made it out alive.

Megalyn arrived today at our vet for her spa week. She is still somewhat frightened and confused, but seems to have that wonderful cairn spirit. When she was let out of her travel crate, she looked around for a few minutes and then trotted off with the vet tech ready to begin her new life.

Welcome little girl! Your lovely coat will grow back and you’ll have plenty of good food, clean water and all the comforts of a loving home that you deserve.

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