Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing Teagan!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Teagan is a beautiful black brindle girl, almost 7 years old, who has joined the Col. Potter family. She is a little confused about the change in her life but with the help and support of her Col. Potter family, she should find that life is lots of fun when you're a Col. Potter kid.

Sometimes a cairn comes into rescue because it's the best thing for the cairn. A family's heart is broken when they realize they cannot give what is needed to make a beloved pet happy as he or she once was. Such is the case with Teagan.

She was very loved, well cared for and only knew one home. She was adored and loved the attention which was all hers. One day her human parents brought home a little baby, a new family member that also was adored and loved. Life was good for everyone including Teagan. Later when the family grew again, Teagan realized these cute little humans were getting some of her attention and not going away! Poor Teagan became withdrawn and sad. She was no longer an only child. Teagan, unlike some cairns, did not do anything destructive, was not mean to the children, she just moped and longed for the way things were. Out of love, her family made the tough decision to let Col. Potter find a new home for Teagan where she can become a Princess once again!

Please welcome the gorgeous Teagan!!

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