Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CP's foster Alize makes a plea to my Aunties and Uncles - I'z bein' abuzed

Contributed by Alize's Foster Mom

Dis iz Alize, and I'm aksin' fur sum help frum my 'stended fambly! I'm dejected, neglected, rejected, and over or underprotected here in Mizzurree! Dey took me tu da place wif da doctur, and nex ting I no I wakez up differnt! I cudn't fink right fur 2 dayz and stumbled all around, den when I can fink agin I find I gotz 2 owies - 1 on my tummee and 1 on my back. Wonce I founded bem owies anna wunted to getz dem funnee sewin' fings off me, deez meen peepulz put me in diz cone of shame! Day won't letz me run in da houze wif my frends anna make me stayz in dis prizon! Fosser mom sayz it waz a good ting, butz I gotz my douts!

(Alize had her spay/dental/shots on Wednesday, and she also had a growth on her back left top of hip that they removed and have sent in for biopsy - we won't have results for about 10 days. Her surgery was late in the day Wednesday, so she came home almost cross-eyed and took all day yesterday to fully come out of it. Last night she decided she didn't like those stitches/suture on her hip and was trying to remove them, so out came the cone, and she's really upset at having to wear it and remain quiet in the ex pen. It may be a long 10 days for Busy Lizzy before those stitches come out.

Alize is being fostered in Missouri and you can learn more about her by following this link and checking available cairns. She will be ready for adoption after she has healed and her foster mom decides she can go to a forever home.

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