Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

One of the really wonderful things about Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue is that we have such great volunteers all across the USA and Canada! We are really like a huge, international family with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas in every corner and just about anywhere one would visit, there is a CP family member not too far away. The CP Family has large "reunions" called CRAPs but some of our family members hold individual, personal reunions themselves called POOPs. Last fall, one family member had a small POOP at her home in North Carolina. Besides the camaraderie and love of Cairns they share in their hearts, they also gave monetarily from their hearts donating to name two Cairns. What a wonderful concept, friendship, companionship, watching our Cairns frolic and play, while still raising funds to help future Cairns.

Yesterday three little Cairns became the recipients of their generosity. The "Tar Heels" found love and freedom with Col. Potter, but wait ...there are going to be additions to the Tar Heels. It just so happens that not one, but both of the little girls are pregnant and due to whelp within the next two weeks, one of them probably within the next few days. Without wonderful events like the one held by Kitty K. last fall that produced this donation, we wouldn't be able to help these Cairns or allow their puppies to be born into freedom.

Introducing CP's Tar Heels:

Salisbury: Female, black brindle, born 5/12/07 - due to whelp in 7-10 days and looks like 8 puppies in her litter

Carolina: Female, wheaten, born 5/21/08 - due to whelp any minute and looks like 6 puppies in her litter

Foster: Male, red wheaten, born 3/1/05

Carolina is in her foster home with Kathy and Barney and Salisbury will be heading to her foster home Wednesday with Lori and Mike. It shouldn't be long until we have little Tar Heels to add to our CP family!!

Please help me give a BIG CP WELCOME to CP's Tar Heels!

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