Thursday, June 14, 2012

Caruso joins the CP show!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please welcome a new young dude to the CP family. Caruso, an eligible 2-year-old bachelor, is sporting a wheaten jacket and a close-cropped cool-guy summer haircut for the season. When things started getting a bit crowded at his house, he soon found himself singing tenor with the village pupple, "It's no fun to STAY at the S-P-C-A!" So, he came on over to CP.

Caruso likes moonlight walks and playing squeaky toy in the summer sun, but he's never turned down a good round of tennis ball. And it shows! You look at this well-trimmed guy and you just have to ask, "Hey, do you workout?"

His favorite color is lime green and his favorite music is bagpipes.

Please give a hearty highland welcome to our new red-headed boy, Caruso.

1 comment:

Domestic Engineer said...

Hello, where is he located? He is adorable! I am in Texas.

Margaret Daniel