Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There's nothing better than letting your mind drift back to special memories of vacations past. Or finding a long lost box with pictures of long ago travels and journeys you recall like it was just yesterday. Such a sweet release and escape from our everyday lives...

Recently, two little Cairns are embarking on their own travel and journey to freedom, making new, positive memories along their way. Both of their names were donated by one of our members as she was rediscovering some vacation memories one day. Thanks Claire M. for dusting off those old photo albums and deciding to help these two little Cairns be the subject of some new photo albums and memories.

Introducing CP's Vacation Memories:

Dublin - Male, red wheaten with dark ears, estimated to be 5 years old. He's a little shy, but will warm up quickly with a little TLC.

Jumby - Female, golden wheaten with dark ears, estimated to be 6-8 years old, she needs a little help from a weight loss program, but is super sweet and friendly and ready to grab her new found freedom with all 4 paws. She is still available for adoption and she is being fostered in Pennsylvania, you can learn more about here by clicking  here .

Our Name a Cairn Program is a wonderful way to celebrate or remember someone special in your life, but can also be a great way to recall special events like Claire did and still help the little Cairns we all love so much. I would like to thank Claire for her donation, but also thank a couple of rescue angels who are helping to make Jumby and Dublin's first trips possible--Lisa B. and Kim and Donald.

I know Dublin and Jumby are going to enjoy the journey of a lifetime and fill many a photo album on their way to a happily every after. Please help me welcome them to the CP family and wish them a Bon Voyage!

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Pat said...

Just wanted to add that Jumby has found her 'forever home' in Pittsburgh and has brought a lot of joy to that home. Thanks go to the Col Potter Org for all the great work they do!